Sunday, July 19, 2015

Where is the love?

Since the Supreme Court ruling on same sex marriage we have had to endure a very long and drawn out victory lap from the left. It seems that everyone has jumped on the band wagon and is now a hard core supporter of same sex marriage. Social media is alive with rainbows and feel good memes about love and acceptance. Yeah for America, love has conquered all! The liberals could think about nothing else when it came to the issue of same sex marriage. Forget the Constitution and religious freedom as long as there's love!

Love plays no role in abortion debate.
Funny how quickly the liberals change their tune when it comes to abortion. What I can't figure out is do the liberals feel that an infant doesn't qualify to fall under the powerful protection of love or do they just subscribe to a hypocritical-only when its convenient definition of love? In the end I guess it really doesn't matter because when it comes to the debate on abortion love is never mentioned. We just hear about another one of the Supreme Courts made up rights, such as the right to privacy. Crazy how often a God given right, like the right to life, has taken the back seat to a socially constructed preference.

Your tax payer dollars at work!
This week another under cover video was released that captured a top Planned Parenthood official discussing how they often sell the body parts of aborted babies. When the patient gives consent to sell the parts they simply alter the abortion procedure so they can preserve the desired parts of the fetus. Planned Parenthood released a statement claiming that they donate the "tissue" for scientific research and that they only receive compensation for the medical procedure, which they claim is legal. Where are the angry liberals now? Why haven't they begun a love campaign to prevent such inhuman practices? Apart from these practices being sick, twisted, and evil they are also funded with tax payer dollars.

A little perspective.
In 2011 the abortion rate in the United States dropped to the lowest rate it has been in almost forty years. Sounds like a pretty good statistic until you realize that the "historically low" number of abortions that took place in 2011 in the United States was 730,322. Just to put that number in perspective, in both WWI and WWII the number of U.S. deaths totaled 521,513......two hundred thousand less then the number of innocent lives the United States legally terminated in 2011. Since the legalization of abortion the U.S. has legally terminated the the lives of some 55,772,015 babies.

Where is the love?
Again I have to wonder, where is the love now? Not just from the liberal party but from the American people? All those proud Americans who stood for "equal rights for all" who showed their support by changing their profile pictures to rainbows, attending gay pride parades, and buying gay pride t-shirts. Why aren't those same Americans irate that such institutions as Planned Parenthood are still being funded by tax payer dollars? If Americans are looking for a real injustice to fight this may be one of the biggest in our nation.

Biggest injustice in America
The legalized termination of a defenseless child is by far the biggest and most hideous injustice in Americas history. And yet our society continues to support this practice. This has been referred to by the Supreme Court as a right. It is not a right. A right cannot infringe on another's rights. The Supreme Court was wrong and so are any Americans who still claim women have a right to destroy the life of their child. I became sick to my stomach when I read the statistics on the reasons women give for having an abortion. The following information came from the Guttmacher Institute.

To sum it up, the child would be an inconvenience and both the mother and father do not want the responsibility. This is sickening to me. I can't decide what is worse the fact that we would terminate a life for mere convenience or the fact that no one cares.

How did we get here?
How did we get here? Simple, we traded our moral convictions for popular opinion. Americans appear to no longer hold any personal moral convictions. They have decided they would rather subscribe to the popular opinion than be viewed as a closed minded bigot for standing up for their principles and beliefs. Most will say I'm wrong. But the evidence is overwhelming. No people who are guided by moral convictions would allow a mother to kill her child much less use tax payer dollars to fund it. I don't know if this is something our nation can ever be redeemed from.

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