Friday, September 11, 2015

September 12th

I was  11 years old. Even at that young age I had a strong sense of patriotism and love for my country. I was proud to be American. I loved our history, our principles, and everything that America stood for. I took September 11th very personally. When we were attacked on our own soil, when thousands of innocent Americans were killed, it was personal to me.
I remember it all very clear. Standing in front of the TV watching the smoke rise from those towers. I think that image will be burned in my mind forever. I remember my grandma calling my mom and crying on the phone. We had the TV and radio on all day as we watched and waited for more news. I will never forget the feeling of shock and fear that I felt on September 11th.

But what was even more unforgettable was the day after, September 12th. That was the day I saw my country come together like never before. The sense of patriotism, love of country, and God was everywhere. All over TV, the radio, downtown, in the stores, and communities Americans were proud to be Americans. They were proud of those brave passengers who brought the plan down on that Pennsylvania hill. As a nation we came together to morn the loss of so many Americans. The American flag appeared everywhere. I had always been proud of my country but this was different. I was proud of the American people. Of course there were the people who said it was our own fault because we have made the whole world hate America. But those didn't matter to me. They were the minority....then.

That was 2001 this is 2015. What will it be like in America this September 12th? Are Americans still proud to be American? Will we seen the  American flag all over? Are Americans willing to stand up for their freedom? Do they believe in democracy? If I was a betting person I would have to say that the answer to those questions is no. I'm 25 now and this September 12th I can't help but wonder what happen to all those people I was proud to call Americans.

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